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Internet and Networks

Improve your network coverage with Epicloud

If you’re looking to improve your home or business network coverage and/or its reliability, we have a range of network services and solutions available to ensure that your network runs beautifully.

A robust data network is vital to your workforce. Build the foundations of your business by providing staff with a reliable, stable connection. Many businesses rely on employees being able to stay connected to their company’s network and the internet, to access applications, in order to complete daily tasks. Ensure that your employees have round-the-clock access to all your resources and enhance your staffs’ productivity with solid internet connectivity.

Epicloud, we are experts in modern network installation with equipment supply to cover any your desires. 

We have been installing networks for over 17 years and have a team of network cable installation specialist engineers on hand to support your business network now and in the future. On the market you can also find and know us with the names as Epicloud Retail, EpicRetail and Epicloud Connect, no worries, that's us.

We offer

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Wireless Wi-Fi

A flexible business Wi-Fi solution is now an essential part of the workplace, ensuring employees and guests receive the same seamless experience from Wi-Fi as they do when using cables. Epicloud team understand how to design and install the perfect business wireless network.

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4G and 5G Internet

Private 4G/5G is powering the future of network transformation. Ultra-fast private wireless connectivity and high bandwidth provide near real-time, low-latency connections to transform you internet imagine, with improved efficiency, innovation and security. 

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Managed Network

Stay connected, secure and in control. Reliable core network from the best vendors like ZTE, MikroTik, Huawei, Cudy, TP-Link, Zyxel and other.

This means that sites can transfer data and voice traffic to each other, without having to breakout to the internet, increasing efficiency and security.


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