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Cloud Migration

Build the Right Cloud Migration Approach For Your Workloads

Companies are migrating to the cloud because the dedicated servers running in data-centers cause massive investment and are not very budget-friendly. Besides, they have to further invest in additional hardware and software to upscale their IT infrastructure.


Our Cloud migration solutions provide you the flexibility to create, upscale, or downscale your cloud computing resources according to your business needs. Build a secure and modern cloud migration strategy for your existing workloads and improve operational efficiency. Minimize the migration challenges and accelerate the cloud migration process.

Efficiently Handle Your Cloud Migration Challenges

Plan and Execute Seamless Migration Process


Move away from older piling up technologies. Easily spin up new servers and infrastructure when you need and stop them when you don't


Avoid any upfront investment & reduce ongoing costs associated with running IT environments, including licensing power & facilities costs


Move away from day-to-day complex IT maintenance and let your team focus on new IT initiatives and key business areas

Cloud migration partners

Epicloud is a leading partner and maintains strong top-to-top relationships with every major cloud player in the industry.


Microsoft Azure

From new-workloads to re-architecting and lift-and-shift, we help you to implement AWS cloud computing services to modernize your legacy IT infrastructure and build the agility for on-demand delivery of IT resources.


Amazon AWS

We provide seamless migration of your on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Our Azure practice will ensure that you get the maximum benefits of your cloud investment and make your transformation to Azure cloud a success.


Google GCP

We enable the successful migration of your on-premises workloads to Google Cloud Platform(GCP). We start with an end-to-end GCP cloud strategy and build a detailed business case to provide you the maximum cloud migration benefits.

IT audit is a process of information collection, analysis and comparison with selected metrics of certain components of the IT environment.

Our specialists have many years of experience in conducting investigations and will help to find and fix problems even when they are just beginning and they are not yet visible. The audit can be performed both for the entire infrastructure and for its individual components. Of course, a typical set of work during an audit consists of the selection of key participants, definition of boundaries, careful collection of various information, its analysis, identification of existing problems, development of recommendations, creation of reports, etc.


This is serious and responsible work, the results of which affect further changes in the IT infrastructure and its development, which also has a direct impact on the development of the customer’s entire business. Therefore, the audit results will reveal a lot of useful data for IT managers, information security managers, business managers and investors.

What are our specialists checking?


  • hardware infrastructure audit (assessing the state of o
    perability and load of servers, data storage systems, workplaces, office equipment);

  • software audit (software check for the availability of licenses and technical expansion possibilities in case of rapid company growth, software load check on the infrastructure);

  • audit of IT systems and network security (work of antivirus protection, setting of network policies, penetration tests into the customer’s infrastructure);

  • audit of the existing system, selection of optimal solutions for monitoring and planning of virtual infrastructure;

  • audit of network infrastructure, radio planning, design and construction of a Wi-Fi network


Based on the results of the audit, we prepare a report on the state of the current infrastructure and recommendations for its modernization and expansion according to the customer’s requirements and advanced technologies.


Eliminate any upfront capital expenditure. Implement a reliable & secure Cloud migration services & solutions. Only pay for the IT resources you use. Reduce the operational cost further by automation and effectiveness of IT process


Eliminate the waiting time to purchase and configure the Hardware through the lengthy procurement cycle. Improve your workforce productivity. Migrating to Cloud empowers you to remotely & effectively manage your infrastructure


Improve your time-to-market and make faster business decisions. Launch your products and services on-time and improve customer experiences. Apply infrastructure and application automation for continuous business innovations


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